311th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron (311th AEAS) was activated at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul 1st of November 2008. The 311th AEAS is currently participating in the NATO Resolute Support Mission. In February 2016 the 438th AEAS air unit in Afghanistan – Kabul was renamed to follow in the tradition of 311th Czechoslovak Bomber Squadron RAF which courageously and successfully fought in the Royal Air Force during World War II.


The squadron personnel began advising the Afghan Air Force Kabul Air Wing (KBW) 377th Rotary Wing Squadron (377th RWS) in flying rotary wing aircraft (Mi-17 & Mi-25) for training and combat operations. Main task id to train, advise and assist Afghan partners to develop a professional, capable and sustainable rotary wing squadron.  Troop contributing nations are Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and USA. 311th AEAS personnel advises 377th RWS leadership and personnel on rotary wing training and employment, to include close air attack, escort, casualty evacuation, night vision googles  (NVG), fixed forward firing, and resupply.


438th Air Expeditionary Wing composition – Afganistan (current 2017)


CZE AAT – The Czech Air Advisory Team

The Czech Air Advisory Team, a 30-member team forms a czech unit of the 311th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron and has been directly responsible for assisting Afghan personnel with the maintenance and combat flights of the Mil-17 and Mil‑25 helicopters. The AAT team consists of 10 airmen, 10 maintenance specialists and 10 security forces servicemen (“Guardian Angels”) from 22nd Helicopter Base in Náměšť. [2017] The former designation for mentors’ team in Kabul was AMT (Air Mentoring Team) until the end of 2011.


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