Our Team visited the 22. Helicopter Air Force Base of Czech Air Force at Náměšť nad Oslavou in june to get a closer look to the new „Alien Tiger“ and the everyday life of the base.
The Nato Tiger Meet is one of the if not the most well known joint excersise in Europe. The whole thing started in 1960 between an american and a british unit, which now holds 24 full member units and 10 honorary members. One of the full members – since 2001 – is the 221. Helicopter Squadron (221. vrtulníkovou letku ) from the Czech Air Force. The unit is part of the 22. Helicopter Air Force Base (22. základny vrtulníkového letectva) at Náměšť nad Oslavou, south part of the Czech Republic in the Vysočina Region. During the years the base had many types of planes ranging from bombers (Su-7, Su-22), close air support (Su-25), trainers (L-39, L-159) and helicopters (MI-17, Mi-24), the Mi-24 helicopters moved in 2008 from Prerov.

The helicopter unit is a full member of the Tiger Association unit, it is the only helicopter unit in the Association that flies an attack helicopter. The Tiger Meet’s tradition is that every unit that will take part in the excersise will make one special painted jet/helicopter, in the light of the Tiger as a main symbol and mascot for all the participating units. The 221. Helicopter Squadron already made several great special painted helicopters and for 2016 everyone waited…what will be this year? Aviation enthusiast eagerly wait every year looking at the internet, which unit will make the most awesome paint job. We can easily say, that for 2016, the 221. Helicopter Squadron did the best, and the organizers of the Tiger Meet felt the same…the Best Painted Tiger Aircraft trophy went to the Czech unit for the third time since 2001. Naming the helicopter the Alien Tiger and looking at it, it is no question where the name comes from. We were very interested very much of the why…why the alien style was used. The answers were at Náměšť nad Oslavou and after a few weeks of emails, we were granted to enter the base.

Arriving to the base after a long journey, Štěpánka Tříletá from the Public Relations escorted us to the building of the unit were people waited for us, including the crew of the helicopter, who flew the Alien Tiger that day. We asked before, so we could see the Hind in flying maing some photos and a video from it, and for our luck, the unit did the daily routine ……..CELÝ ČLÁNEK NAJDETE NA ADRESE http://airshowinfo.hu/

…….THE REST OF ARTICLE: http://airshowinfo.hu/

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